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I'm a french girl , i'm 15 y.o ,and i love Korea and Japan ~♥ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ♥
My favorite group in k-pop is Wonder Boyz~ And my favorite group in j-pop is Flumpool and Kis-my-ft2 ~ I like Thaï-pop and T-pop too ! :D

Hope you enjoy my blog ! ^3^♥
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cure 127

hayato x yume [codomo dragon]

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Accurate representation of my life.


Another outfit from this week hehe..I love these tights eep ; U ;

Wig,tights & shoes: Taobao
Sweater & skirt: Sheinside

I recommend everyone who likes Nagi no Asukara to watch Glasslip when it airs on July. It’s made by P.A. Works and I’ll totally give it a try. It’d be nice to see the people who enjoyed NnA in this new series’ fandom! :)

I’ll actually start looking at you properly. Not as a little girl but as a girl who’s my age. Would it be okay if I started there? About my future with you?